Surprises and Goodbyes of a Millennial

3 days ago: …

Today has been a sad day… it was going to be a sad day no matter what because it’s always sad to say goodbye.

(You might know) I live around 10.000km away from my family, reason why it took me over 3 years and a half to be able to see my mom again.

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A hidden gift

​I am spending half of my Saturday alone, and it feels like such a treat!

I was single most of my life, and I will celebrate my 2 year wedding aniversary this july. And the truth is that everyone and everything teaches you how AMAZING it is to find the right person for you and share your life with him or her.

But no one ever talks about how GREAT it is to be alone.

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La La Land – Movie Review (No Spoilers)

Well, first of all I am not a Musicals lover… I like Disney movies as much as the next person-girl, but that’s about it…

I must say I started watching the movie, saw the dancing scene at the begining, hated it, and by the time singing started AGAIN (in less than 15min) I stoped the movie and changed to something else…

BUT yesterday my sister (she is the middle one, maybe that does mean something…) told me she LOVED it, raved about it and asked me to give it another chance. So I did.

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Collateral Beauty – Movie Review (No Spoilers)


As you might know I haven’t written in a long (long) time… why is that? well 2 reasons: 1) I can’t write without inspiration, and 2) I am a perfectionist that was trying to post in two languages with no typos or errors, which ended up taking SO MUCH time that got me demotivated and a bit stressed by the process.

My solutions? Well to number 1: the new Will Smith movie got me inspired; and to number 2: from now on I will do my best to no longer care. I think better in english, so I will write in english. And I will take this as a therapeutic process to accept mistakes and put my words out there without perfection but hopefully with lots of soul. Therefore please receive my gratitude if you read me and enjoy my writting despite typos, errors and more.

I just finished watching the movie, it made a big impact… enough to get me writting. Why? what is the movie about? without spoilers!

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