Surprises and Goodbyes of a Millennial

3 days ago: …

Today has been a sad day… it was going to be a sad day no matter what because it’s always sad to say goodbye.

(You might know) I live around 10.000km away from my family, reason why it took me over 3 years and a half to be able to see my mom again.

After a lot of efforts, money, 5 planes and 28hrs traveling, she arrived here on May 31st at 23:44. This were the shortest 18 days of my life, it feels like it was only one very long day… some of this past days made it to my top “happiest days ever”, and today, of course, made it to my top “saddest days ever” (although, thankfully not the saddest).

At the moment she is in a layover, where she will wait for around 15hrs until her next flight. To distract myself and not cry ALL DAY (I have done my fair share of crying anyway, don’t you worry…) my husband took me to the cinema, bought me my favorite pizza, a Nutella pretzel and has kept the cool water coming in my pretty blue mason jar all afternoon (he is my personal angel).

And then my mom wrote! Saying she was ok, she got all her luggage with no problems, and a kind man at the airport helped her a lot… woooowww the relief! I felt so much better to be able to know of her right away!

So here I am thinking “I am SO LUCKY of being an emigrant in the digital era!” … technology has MANY downsides, but I have to thank it for: being able to be in touch almost instantaneously (and video call!) with my family and friends around the globe, work from home once in a while, and finding my husband (not to mention YouTube and eBooks! Keeping it short…).

A minute after thinking all that, I received a package from an amazing woman I spent two days hanging out with at Bocas del Toro (Panama) around 3 years ago. The moment we met, I adored her as a lost sister! She has one of the most beautiful smiles and kindest souls I have ever seen, I count myself lucky of calling her my friend, and today she totally surprised me with the warmest of gifts.

She sent me a handwritten letter that made me feel I went back in time, 2 books that were hers <which for me makes them much more valuable>, a journal that guides you into “52 lists of happiness” and the most beautiful necklace in which she put “the coordinates for Venezuela and Panama” so I can “always have them close to your heart”.

I will never forget this day, full of strong emotions and memories I hope my mind captures perfectly for as long as I breathe… and if it fails, hopefully this blog will be here for me to read and remember.

Technology is great, but nothing will ever replace the magic of the handwritten word or the beauty of touching what someone over 8.000km away touched. It is a completely different, much slower, but tangible way of “keeping in touch”.

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