A hidden gift

​I am spending half of my Saturday alone, and it feels like such a treat!

I was single most of my life, and I will celebrate my 2 year wedding aniversary this july. And the truth is that everyone and everything teaches you how AMAZING it is to find the right person for you and share your life with him or her.

But no one ever talks about how GREAT it is to be alone.

Intrigued by the dream of true love, and hoping for the best, I looked for my husband everywhere for a long time, until I found him online over 10.000km away. I will forever be greatful to destiny and the internet for finding him because being with the right person is BETTER than I expected.

But I see more and more that people don’t fully apreciate the gift of being alone. Therefore, today I want to send a message to all women and men out there, looking for the right person to share their lives with:

Look, and while you find him/her enjoy being with yourself.

Yes, enjoy being with YOU, observing the world through your own unique eyes, eating what you want to eat, going where you want go, doing what you want to do, watching that movie, reading that book, and most of all feeling invisible: the unique freedom of being completly alone, no one can see you… and if no one can see you, who are you?

Enjoy your company, your mind, be happy hangging out with YOU, develope the ability of being your best friend. I assure you, it will pay off. It’s the best way to know who you are, what you like, how far can you go and how much you can do. Learn how to bring yourself up when you are down. Build yourself from scratch when it’s time to start over. And connect with others: the more you know YOU, the more you can give yourself to others, because even though they will complete you, they will not define you.

Don’t be afraid of being alone… and remember there is a sea of people just like you out there, interact with others, be brave, talk to strangers! you never know what they might teach you!

Travel alone (advice: take a guided tour and meet new people), go to the cinema alone, eat at a restaurant alone (advice: first go to the bathroom, THEN pick a table), sit in the park alone… be brave, be bold, be kind and be open.

This is the surest path to being happy with who you are, not forcing yourself to be and do what others expect, focusing only on what you love and value.

And if you are already with your “soul mate”, take advantage of every chance you get to reconnect with yourself, it is as important as spending time with friends and family, and it will make you strong for when they are not around. This is best advice I can give you as a foreigner that left all family and friends behind, twice 🙂



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