La La Land – Movie Review (No Spoilers)

Well, first of all I am not a Musicals lover… I like Disney movies as much as the next person-girl, but that’s about it…

I must say I started watching the movie, saw the dancing scene at the begining, hated it, and by the time singing started AGAIN (in less than 15min) I stoped the movie and changed to something else…

BUT yesterday my sister (she is the middle one, maybe that does mean something…) told me she LOVED it, raved about it and asked me to give it another chance. So I did.

ALL the group dancing/choreographies parts were awful. I know they were trying to recapture the “old hollywood” style, but somehow it did not work. I cannot tell you why but it just floped. It felt fake, overworked, not “vintage” at all, and it just didn’t fit with the rest of the movie.

Now, the rest of the movie: it was decent. The potography was very nice, colors, CGI, lights, all very well played. You can really see how it was used to tell a story, much more than the music, which often felt out of place and not matching the mood of the scenes.

It was very sad to see that they didn’t play at all the chemistry between Gosling and Stone, what a waste, after seeing them in Crazy Stupi Love… well, dissapointing.

What I did like was the “message” in the movie:

“Follow your Dreams” vs. “Grow up and make (money) it work”
“Be who you are. Do what you love” vs. “Be what sales. Do what makes money”

Those are trully big ones in life: One sounds pretty, but doesn’t pay the bills; and the other one gives things, but can poison the soul.

Most of us don’t get to choose between those two.

Are some dreams too big? Do we find them within us when we feel we are too old? Is it money the obstacle to follow them? Money we don’t have? Money we don’t want to loose? do all dreams lead to making money with our passion?

I don’t know.

It’s good we can have as many dreams as we want.

I give it a 4. Solid 4.



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