Collateral Beauty – Movie Review (No Spoilers)


As you might know I haven’t written in a long (long) time… why is that? well 2 reasons: 1) I can’t write without inspiration, and 2) I am a perfectionist that was trying to post in two languages with no typos or errors, which ended up taking SO MUCH time that got me demotivated and a bit stressed by the process.

My solutions? Well to number 1: the new Will Smith movie got me inspired; and to number 2: from now on I will do my best to no longer care. I think better in english, so I will write in english. And I will take this as a therapeutic process to accept mistakes and put my words out there without perfection but hopefully with lots of soul. Therefore please receive my gratitude if you read me and enjoy my writting despite typos, errors and more.

I just finished watching the movie, it made a big impact… enough to get me writting. Why? what is the movie about? without spoilers!

Well the movie is about life. About love, time, and death. The 3 big ones.

I must admit it started a little weak, I agreed to give it 30min to engage me or I will stop watching… then it sparked my curiosity, so I continued watching, and it payed of. The movie is a bit “same old same” and a bit totally “outside the box”. It is touching, moving, something all of us can relate to… Wether because you fear death, or you’ve seen it; you love deeply, or your heart has been shattered; you fear age, change…time… its never enough, is it?

There are some big messages in this movie that make it worth watching:

  • Stop wasting time, it’s a gift.
  • Love is in happiness, in pain, in joy, in grieve, in life, in death… in all. It’s the answer to all “whys”.
  • We are afraid of death, and we are all dying. So lets live, and lets use this fear to motivate us to be better, do more, love every day and not give anything for granted.

Those are “same old same”, we all know it, we’ve heard it a million times… but we keep forgetting and getting lost in going through the motions of life without living.

This movie is here to remind you, in a well scripted, visually interesting, and pretty well acted story. It’s not so predictable, not too cheesy, and the interconection of characters feels real and rewarding to watch. You might learn one thing or two from the lives portraited in this movie.

I give it an 8… maybe 8.5 šŸ™‚

If you watch the movie please let me know in the comments below what you think.

Also if you want to report back typos/errors in this blog post so I correct them, leave a message in the comments below, and thanks!

See you around…


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