🎶Let it Snow, let it snow, let it snow!!! 🎶

Hello everyone! I write to you directly from Winterland 🙂

Back in December, we all thought winter had skipped this year, and that we were going to go directly from Fall to Spring, pass GO and charge 200$. Then at the beginning of January it snowed a little for 2 days, and back to above 0°C warmness… “That was winter!” we said… Until this weak.


Since this past Thursday everyone knew it was going to snow, and even unexperienced me could feel it. The temperature dropped and dropped, the wind picked up… and let me tell you “fie frigul cât de mare, doar vântul să nu bată” 😀 which is the Romanian saying for “let the cold be as big as it can, but don’t let the wind blow”… biggest truth ever!

Finally yesterday it started drizzling, then sleeting and in the end snowing, non stop… it’s still snowing. It’s amazing how the world can change in hours, completly transformed… mutated from colors, to contrasts: Black and white.


Everything is black and white. It’s beautiful. It’s magical. It’s disconcerting to someone that has never seen something like it before. It reminds me oddly of the awe feeling you get when admiring the greatness and vastness of the ocean from a boat or an empty beach.

The first time I saw snow (which was actually just sleet 😛) I felt SO excited! I jumped, I screeched, I giggled… the second time, when I woke up and I saw through my window EVERYTHING covered in white, I felt very disoriented and lost, I felt I woked up into Narnia before Aslan’s comeback, I felt a little scared and concerned about going out. I thought “will I freeze to death and die?!”, “will I slip? yep, I will”… I was apprehensive. But then when I went out, I was in awe, full of wonder and excitement. It’s breathtaking… until you walk, then it’s game on! snow: 1 / you: 0.


In short, you need to be an acrobat slash gymnast slash pilates yogi master to walk in snow. The deeper the snow (today like 60cm) the better your skills need to be. You slip, trip, and get buried every step of the way, it looks white solid but it’s not, my friend, you will sink. Thankfully to city life, where others have ventured out before you, there are trails of steps, and if you are lucky, you find narrow paths where the snow has been compacted by braver men and women than you. We mere humans stick to those! Step where others did before you! Following the trail to not get snow up to your knees.

It is pretty fun I must say 😀 it feels like a frozen wonderland were walking and ducking frozen tree branches is the main event. But I can understand why for locals it gets old fast, and it’s all about the inconveniences it causes. Specially people with cars 😐 they literally need to dig the whole car out of the snow, then shovel a path to drive out, drive on frozen ground… and don’t forget they have to come back to their spot and shovel the hole back to park the car… crazy funny, but not haha funny :p


I am enjoying it a lot 🙂 we’ll see in 10 years… it might depend on how many times I get sprayed by the machine that passes by the main streets sweeping the snow away spitting anti-freeze liquid and salt. Yep, fantastical for pedestrians… especially since all the snow it swipes away lands on the sidewalk creating huge piles you need to sink into to get on the bus or cross the street, and those ones are not fluffy perfect white anymore… as everything white, when it gets dirty, it’s filthy.

Like everything, it has pros and cons, but still makes me love being here. I am still in love with seasons, I feel change is really the core of being alive, and when the world visibly changes everyday around you, is like seeing it beat. After an up to 38°C summer, it’s magical to be able to have an up to -20°C winter. Nature is magical, so full of color in summer, so void of them in winter, I had never seen a true white sky, I grew up in perpetual caribbean blue, and here I can see renewal. How it has to become pure simplicity before it blooms again. We are all looking forward to spring 🙂


To all my friends in the Caribbean enjoying or suffering the heat, I send you frozen kisses and chilly hugs 😙.


4 thoughts on “🎶Let it Snow, let it snow, let it snow!!! 🎶

  1. Alejandro Rodriguez says:

    I’m so happy to know you are enjoying your life there. And that you are so happy. I love you very much. Hugs and kisses from the hot part of the world.

    Liked by 1 person

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