Bridge of Spies (Movie Review – No Spoilers)

Hello everyone! Hope you are all well and happy 🙂

Last night me and my husband were looking for a movie to watch (is hard work deciding!) and finally (because of the Tom Hanks+Steven Spielberg combo) we decided to give Bridge of Spies a go.

I most confess I had no idea what it was about, and I was really not THAT interested… I ended up pleasently surprised.

It is a misterious, simple, honest, straight forward movie. You won’t get any bangs in this movie, nor CGI or big explosions. What you will get, is a very decent/compelling script, with soul touching acting that will make you fear for the characters, and a good lesson on history, humanity, and the power of a brave man going above and beyond his “pay grade”.

My favorites:
-The truthfulness of the film. From customs, to scenography and right into people’s behaviour in the 50’s, it all felt real, you can smell it and taste it with every scene.

Mark Rylance performance as Rudolf Abel. He was amazing. With as few lines as humanly possible he made me believe he was a good, honest, honorable man. And to wonder how the hell he got into this mess! and to wish to know more about him and his story! In my opinion it was remarkable. When you have a whole script to prove your worth as an actor… well you are good, but when you make a viewer feel something with 3 words at a time… you are it.

– Tom Hanks. But that’s no surprise! :p I don’t know how he has this super power, but EVERY character he interpretes, he transmits this honesty, innocence and goodness that feels SO real! he is the best to bring a real flesh and blood hero to life.

– The history. It felt very accurate and truthful. Without propaganda or an agenda. Just facts and life as it happened then.

So, if it sounds good to you 🙂 watch it!


7 thoughts on “Bridge of Spies (Movie Review – No Spoilers)

    • Alejandra315 says:

      I REALLY liked it… but I am sure is not for everyone. If you like history, and movies focused on the human part of characters, and you don’t mind the lack of flashness, and over the top fake drama, and “action”…. you will like it 🙂 and is not fast/nor slowed paced. If you decide to watch it please let me know what you think! 😀 thanks for reading!


  1. Adrian says:

    I’ve been trying to figure out what’s a good movie to see recently, surprisingly I haven’t been to the movies in quite a while. Thanks for the recommendation I will try to see it soon!!


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