Hello everyone!!! I’m so sorry for not writing in so long, but time and inspiration eluded me (or I eluded them) until today 🙂

Later I will tell you in another post what I’ve been doing and living in this past months… but today I feel extremely inspired to tell you a little bit about my country!

Today has been a lovely day for me! Here in Romania is Sfantul Nicolae’s day, in which we share with family and enjoy the gifts that Nicolae left in our shoes while we slept… But at the same time, more than 10.000km. away, in my country Venezuela, the morning trembles with millions of people going to vote.

Voting to elect the senators that will represent us in the parliament. But this is only on paper, at heart, venezuelans today vote for the hope that never dies, for the faith that makes the heart beat, for the family they love and want to see succeed in their country. For change.

I am far away, and I can’t vote here… but I’ve felt overwhelmed for so many memories and thoughts about my land… remembering so many elections, arguments, protest, manifestations, heartbreak, and hope that we’ve been through. Of when we didn’t want to vote, of when we didn’t believe and we gave up… and to see now how there is so much FAITH!… and I think, so beautiful 🙂 it’s so beautiful to participate, to vote, to believe that the power of ONE makes a difference and that together WE ARE MANY!!!

In this thirst and search for my Venezuela and the family that is there voting, I’ve had playing all week in my mind, soul, and heart the song Venezuela… and today, for the first time IN MY LIFE after listening to it (and danced to it in school events) THOUSAND of times, I realize that it was written by someone that is NOT in Venezuela, and that misses that beautiful and exotic land, hot and full of life that makes you fall for her 🙂

Today more than ever this song represents me, because I am outside, and I feel it’s lyrics in my heart. I share it with you so it gives us strength in a day like today… and I dedicate it to all the Venezuelans that migrated, but keep an eternal long distance romance with our Venezuela…


Sorry for what gets lost in translation

I carry your light and your scent on my skin,
and the cuatro in the heart.
I carry in my blood the sea foam
and your horizon in my eyes.

I don’t envy the flight nor the nest of the troupial
I’m like the wind in the harvest.
I feel the Caribbean like a woman
I’m like this… What can I do?

I am desert, jungle, snow, and volcano
and as I go I leave my mark.
And the whisper of the plains in a song
makes me lose my sleep.

The woman I love has to be
heart, fire and spur.
With tanned skin like a flower
on Venezuela.

With your landscapes and dreams I’ll go
trhough those worlds of God.
And your memories at sunset
will make my way shorter.

In your beaches stayed my childhood
lying in the wind and the sun.
And this nostalgia that gets in my voice
without wanting to, became a song.

Of the mountains, I want the immensity
and from the river, the watercolors.
And from you, the children
that will plant new stars.

And if one day I have to be wrecked
and the typhoon breaks my sails,
bury my body close to the sea
On Venezuela


One thought on “Venezuela

  1. Alejandro Rodriguez says:

    How beautifully put. I’m so proud and happy to be your father. You are one of my reasons to keep going. To keep my faith in the future.


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