I’m alive!

Hello everyone!!! how are you? what have you been up to? 😀 It’s been a while since I last wrote… but no worries! I’m still alive! not chopped into pieces ^^

In the past few weeks I’ve been doing my best to adapt, at first (as you emigrants know) everything is shiny and new, then many things become weird and different, and you start feeling the “change”… it sinks in I guess. Some days I felt fine, others days, I felt great, and other days I find out that good, old fashion, normal, traditional (christian) measuring cups and measuring spoons, do not exist here, period, none available, anywhere … insert break-down … … … auto-destroy sequence started … ok, lets reboot …

So, one of my main hobbys (right after reading) is cooking, I love it, it’s super rewarding and relaxing for me 🙂 … I’ve been doing a lot of cooking lately! (finally!) In Panama I rarely had the time, and in Venezuela I never had the luxury of buying any ingredient I wanted or needed. So this is an AWESOME part of change! (insert conversation about how marvellous change is :p)

Hence the measuring utensils… I was looking for standard measuring cups (mainly used for baking recipes): 1 cup, 1/2 cup, 3/4 cup, 1/4 cup. Finally my mother in law found a set she bought in IKEA aeons ago and gave it to me 😀 They are a little special, instead of starting with 1 cup, they started with: 1/2 a cup or 125gr. (mmm ok, that’s good, I can work with that), but next came 50gr., 20gr., 15gr. or tablespoon, 5gr. or teaspoon, and finally 1ml or a pinch… … … can you hear my baffled silence? -.- mmhhh, that’s me… But luckily I’m an engineer! so after 5 advanced calculous subjects in college, I’m able to know what to use if I want 3/4 cup.

When I was armed (with utensils) and ready, I started looking for new recipes to try, and I really recomend you all Pinterest for that! it’s AWESOME! it’s like google met instagram, and they had a trendy child that knows it all and shows it to you in pictures!

And to honor one of the main uses of cameras and online media now a days, I’ll share with you pictures of the food I’ve been making 🙂 if you think something looks good, and you want the recipe, just let me know! 🙂

Tuna salad with radishes, tomatoes, and homemade honey mustard dressing

Tuna salad with radishes, tomatoes, and homemade honey mustard dressing


Super Healthy Muffins! with oatmeal, honey, and greek yogurt... almost fat free and still pretty nummy :)

Super Healthy Muffins! with oatmeal, honey, and greek yogurt… almost fat free and still pretty nummy ^^

My Mom's super famous bolognese pasta sauce

My Mom’s super famous bolognese pasta sauce

Meat balls

Meat balls to go with the sauce :p

Completly dairy free, fat free, (vegans) Ice creams!

Completly dairy free, fat free, (vegans) Ice creams! and without an ice cream machine 🙂 it’s pretty cool, the texture is 99% similar to real ice cream and you pick the flavor… I made banana, strawberries, and chocolate… the only one I LOVED, was the chocolate one (but well, it’s chocolate u.u)

Chicken legs with crispy marinated baked potatoes, and sauteed spinach

Roasted chicken legs in the oven with crispy marinated baked potatoes, and sauteed spinach

Roasting Nuts! :D

Roasting Nuts! 😀

Turkey breast in spinach creamy sauce with white rice

Turkey breast in spinach creamy sauce with white rice

I hope you enjoy the pictures! 😛 we enjoyed the food!




4 thoughts on “I’m alive!

  1. Kseniya says:

    Hi darling, so nice to hear from you! Your posts are so vivid and lively, adore reading them! They don’t look like they were written by an engineer :))
    The food looks so delicious, I thought I wasn’t hungry when I started reading your post but the roasted chicken with crispy potatos made my stomach dream 🙂
    It’s really funny what you say about measuring cups, for me the situation is totally reversed because in Europe we have no idea about this “cups” thing and measure everything in grams. Even if a recipe tells you to take a cup of this or that we suppose a cup is 250ml but the American system thinks of a cup as of a 240ml vessel. Imagine when I’m confronted with cooking a recipe from an American chef/blogger/housewife I regret I am not an engineer to juggle between all measuring “schools” 😉
    Anyway, what I’ve noticed is that precise measuring only matters in baking, dough is unforgiving of a deviation from a recipe. The rest is less delicate so one needs to work hard to spoil a dish.
    Big kiss and tight hug from melting Panama City 😘


    • alejandra315 says:

      Hiiiii!!! I’m so happy to hear from you!!! thank you for commenting!!! 😀 … and yes! my boyfriend explained to me that here everything is in grams, but all my recipes are american 😥 I need recipes from this continent :p I agree completly, exact messures are only needed in baking, once a student told me that her dad (almost a chef) always said “cooking is an art. baking, is a science” that is SO true! it’s like alchemy 🙂 (I tried to explain this to my boyfriend when he urged me to just add things by eye measure U.U but I guess it’s not all males that get it)… I’m still enjoying the cool weather here, summer is coming 😦 I send you all many kisses and hugs too 😀 how is Georg? ❤ ❤ ❤


  2. Ivan says:

    Hey Ale, I have a new name for you. Alejandra Stewart. I think you should start your own youtube channel. There might be a lot of people with your problem.


    • alejandra315 says:

      hhhmmm you might be up to something… but I like much more writing than filming, and also I like more people that read, than people that watch videos (even if we are fewer, sigh)


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