In Heaven!

Hi everyone!!! 😀 I’m very happy to anounce the JetLag has passed (I think o.o). Now I feel sleepy at normal hours and wake up accordingly ^^ huzzaaahh!!!

Carturesti Carusel

I want to tell you all about a place we visited this past saturday: Heaven … or as many of you call it: the bookstore. But wait! hold your giggles! this is not just any bookstore! it’s a brand new, super special, amazing, wonderful, incredible, dreamy (sparing you of more adjectives) bookstore 😀

Carturesti Carusel

First of all, I’m sure most of you, my very fancy readers, have visited many bookstores like  this… Petre (my boyfriend) tells me they are common in Europe and that he has visited MANY -.- (sigh…). When we went in, I was like *_* start struck face, gaping mouth, shiny eyes, speechless… and I told him “do yo know how many places like this I’ve visited in my life?” and he answered “20?” o.O … … … of course my answer was NONE, so bear with me people! and the other ones that will be as amazed by it as me, enjoy 😀


This place is called Cărturești Carusel, and it’s also known as “The Carousel of Light” (how awesome is that!?!). It’s located in a very famous street called Lipscani (thanks Simita!), that looks very remarkably similar to Diagon Alley o.o no joke! (Harry Potter reference). It used to be a bank, and it has been completly restored and improved. It has 6 floors, 5 ups and 1 down, where you can find books in different languages (not only in romanian, thanks god!), mostly english and romanian of course, music, movies, some clothes, and many amazingly gorgeous, clever, cute, adorable, artistic, tiny treasures, I SAW IT ALL!


Lipscani street entrance

There were many sections for books, all the common ones (fantasy <3, gastronomy, travel…), and also complementary areas like a huge tea/coffee related section, because who doesn’t like to read WHILE drinking hot beverages 🙂 … a party section, with decoration things, a crafts one, where I found Painting by Numbers!!! the fancy style with all the painting and brushes and all!!! but turns out I’m to old for that -.- according to Petre… I only saw them on TV when I was little, not available in Venezuela, Maracaibo I guess 😦 , and a BIG section with pens, pencils, blank books, colors, markers, you name it! they had it! in fancy presentations!

Coffee&Tea section

Coffee&Tea section

Tiny book

Tiny book

Blank book

Blank book

Cassandra Clare series

Valeria’s favorites books 🙂

Music boxes

Music boxes

Stuff Every Husband Should Know

Must buy! lol Stuff Every Husband Should Know

Fantasy Section

Fantasy Section

One floor is empty, and people sit around reading and enjoying the place, and the 6th floor is a solarium type cafe.

Carturesti Carusel

I think it’s the perfect place to find interesting thoughtful gifts and treasures, And I hope to go back there again. We saw it ALL already, Petre was a great partner investigator 🙂 he didn’t get bored at all and was as interested as me! (thanks god!)

Hope you like the pictures! hugs and kisses!



6 thoughts on “In Heaven!

  1. Valeria says:

    I died with the Valeria’s favorite books part, I need those!! So much 😦 best series ever. Love you favorite sister💕 and that street does look like diagon alley, the only thing missing is gringotts. The bookstore is a m a z i n g and to think we used to get excited when we went to freaking tecni-ciencias *insert people making fun of us cause of how lame we are*. Romania looks beautiful to me! a little more research and maybe I’ll move there when I graduate haha.

    Love you sister!! Have more fun and post more pictures 👭💕


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