Day out

Hello everyone! how are you doing? 🙂 I hope to hear from you all soon ^^


The other day Petre had a band practice, so we went out together earlier to do some sight seeing before. We walked around, took the tram and visited a small pretty park near the National University and the Intercontinental hotel.



It was a pretty chilly day during the morning because it was cloudy and windy, but pretty anyway 🙂 we had a nice time. After we went to the band practice place, and I forgot my ear plugs 😦 so I couldn’t go inside (such noises are harmful for the ear)… the worst part of this was that I had to wait in the antechamber with no heating (since it was like a basemant in an old fashioned building), and after a little while of not moving I started freezing to death :”'( and needing to go to the bathroom a lot! (FYI: cold those that to you).

So I had a close encounter with my two strongest fears: THE Cold AND how-to-ask-for-the-toilet-without-speaking-romanian … after some time of debating with myself (“I can hold it, I can hold it, I can ho… nop, gotta go!!!!) I decided to wing it american style (to speak english to anyone like “no biggy” normal thing – I learned it from some of them in Panama). So I went upstairs to a fancy bistro that is in the top floor of the building I was in, and I asked for the bathroom in english naturally and casually (AKA: almost freaking out), and to my GREAT relief the owner (who I met when he opened the practice room) replyed to me in english and showed me the way to the bathroom (I swear I heard gospel singing -.-).

On my way back I saw it! THE SUN CAME OUT!!! So I ran outside and sat in front of it to try to warm up … I’ve never felt like that in my life before, the sun saved me, it felt so goooooooddd!!! It was still cool and with a chilly wind (wind=death) but SO much better!


I see the sun in a completly different way now :/ back in Panama and Maracaibo (my extremly sunny and hot city in Venezuela) I kind of… strongly disliked (hated) the sun (A LOT!) because it baked me and suffocated me and made me sweaty and aaarrrggghhh = nemesis! -.- … but now … after this o.O we are pals, the past is forgiven 🙂 (until summer).

Obviously after this eye opening experience I decided to go buy a proper coat (I only brought 2 sweaters with me) ASAP!

So today we went to a mall nearby called “Promenada” (I took the bus for the first time! ^^ ). It’s lovely, very nice looking mall… we found a coat and a jacket in H&M at great prices (everything is so much cheaper here! I don’t get over it!) and I was surprised to see some stores and places that are not in Panama! (nor in Venezuela) like SEPHORA!!! (FAINTING!!!) AND STARBUCKS!!! (REFAINT!!!)(OMG OMG OMG) and I was happy to see a MAC store too 🙂 (there is one in Panama) … when I said “honey look! there is a MAC store here!! ♡__♡”, he said “no, no. It’s not the apple one” LOL men :p




We had some quick lunch, and at about 6pm I ran to make dinner (I was starving since 4pm). I made salad with lettuce, boiled eggs, chickpeas, green peas, tuna, and honey mustard )home made dressing), with baked potatoes chips marinated in olive oil, salt and pepper (they were delicious! ♡♡♡)

And after we saw “Despicable me 2”, I laughed A LOT :p (♡ minions ♡ FTW!)

Oh!!! and here the sun doesn’t go down until like 8.30PM O.O it feels crazy!


So far so good 🙂 I still don’t sleep well :/ but I hope it’ll improve over time.




3 thoughts on “Day out

  1. Ivan says:

    Hey Ale, what does FTW mean? and yeah, the sun setting thing happens during the winter, I think over the fall is the opposite. The MAC store story was funny.


    • alejandra315 says:

      hahahaahhaaahah thanks! :p FTW is very manly!!! you need to start using it ASAP ^^

      FTW: extremely popular acronym that has been used online for many years. There are two popular definitions of FTW , the most popular FTW meaning being “for the win”. “For the win”, which is most often stated as FTW, is a way of saying something is awesome or that you are very excited and enthusiastic about something.


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