Going > Going >… Gone.


So, I’m finally in Bucharest, Romania. It was a very stressful and hard process: selling everything I owned of value, giving the rest away, trying to cram everything I wanted to take with me in less than 40kg. of luggage (including carry-on bags!), which obviously didn’t work and I had to abandon/give away the rest… and piles and piles (and MORE piles!) of “trash”.

It was very liberating, heartbreaking, and exhausting to get rid of everything, and also shocking to realize how much I had, thinking I had little… Many people that heard me complain about packing, were dismissive of my comments, but honestly, try to put your whole life and belongings in a medium suitcase of 18kg, a small one of 12kg, and a backpack of 8kg, and see how that goes, I DARE YOU! visualize your place completely EMPTY, and only with that left… it is very freeing but scary. I guess possessions ground us, they grounded me.


Today is my “third” day here, I arrived on monday 6th at like 6pm for Petre (my boyfriend) and like 10am for me (Panama time).

I felt VERY weird and emotional when I arrived, but after taking a good look at him, I felt at home thankfully.

I have had many mixed feelings, of course I feel happy of being here with him, I really (really) missed him, but I’ve also felt lost and out of place… like without solid foundations. Thankfully I feel more comfortable, and less like that as time goes by.

The more we go out, the more I like it here. It’s very pretty, spring is just starting, so I got to see leafless trees (very new to me, since I come from perpetual summer). It’s cold (about 10°C), but cold feels great! I can walk and walk without sweating or pulling my hair up (Yeeeeiii!!!), and here there are sidewalks!!! whole ones!!! all over!!! lol … also, the buses have numbers and names on the front, at the back, and on the side! (so I don’t need to run after it to see which one is it, nor ask the driver – only people that ride buses in Panama will get this).


We went to get a SIM card today for me, and also grocery shopping… food is so much cheaper here (sigh), we bought enough food for both of us, to last about a week, with like 40$ (in Panama it would have costed over 150$ going cheap). The supermarkets were very nice and very conveniently located one right next to the other (competitors), I really liked that… crazy thing, here they charge you for the bags, all types (plastic, paper, fabric…) AND for using the carts!!! (very cheap, but still!) (is this normal?! I expect comments of my foreign friends :p )

My parents in law are great, specialy my mother in law, she is incredibly sweet and caring, considerate and helpful, I’m VERY greatful.

I think I’ve been affected by jetlag, like I get sleepy/hungry at the wrong time, and super tired all of a sudden… but I guess it’ll pass over time…

I hope everyone is well back in Panama and Venezuela! I’m sorry I didn’t get to see some of you before leaving, but I reallyyy hope to keep in touch with all, it’s the purpose of this blog 🙂 I hope to hear from all of you too, and about how things are there! comment here or message me!

Kisses, hugs and best wishes!



6 thoughts on “Going > Going >… Gone.

  1. Adrian says:

    Great idea of a blog . Love it ! Also wonderful to know that you’re adusting well and with time it will all become the norm. That’s one of the amazing things about moving it feels like a whole new adventure. So enjoy to the fullest as you embark on a new ride . Life is not about the goals its about the journey there.

    Liked by 1 person

    • alejandra315 says:

      thank you Adrian!!! ♡__♡ you are right, I’ll do my best to focus on the journey 🙂 sometimes I get carried away by goals! xoxo to you and Alex! and thanks for EVERYTHING!


  2. Maria j. Medina says:

    Hola Ale, que bueno que estés bien, los sentimientos encontrados si muy normal recuerdo esos sentimientos desde que iba rumbo al avión para Panamá, bueno solo el tiempo ayuda, por otro lado cuando estuvimos en España pagamos las bolsas en el súper y se deposita un euro para usar el carrito de compra que te regresan al entregar el carrito. En cuanto a los buses en Panamá siempre me pregunté porque no tienen aviso en la parte de atrás??. Me encanta el aire europeo, la arquitectura, los paisajes cambiantes de las estaciones, la comida etc. espero que disfrutes cada día al máximo, que aprendas muchas cosas mas, que tengas mucha salud amor y prosperidad, saludos a Petre !


    • alejandra315 says:

      hola tia!!! siii es muy diferente todo el proceso de hacer compras :p y uno que alla pide que todo lo empaquen separado y de a dos bolsas por paquete jajajajaja gracias tia!!! amen!!! ojala me valla bien 🙂 besos a todos por alla!


  3. Ivan says:

    hola Ale. Very cool you arrived there without a problem. Adriana and I have just read your first entry and it is very cool to meet a Romania through your eyes. Take care.


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